After Naruto and Minato, Boruto masters Kakashi’s jutsu

In the latest chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, our ninja hero, Boruto Uzumaki, is back in action after a significant time skip. He’s facing challenges, with former friends from the Hidden Leaf Village hunting him down due to Eida’s unique abilities.

Fans of the Boruto anime series will be excited to hear that the show is set to continue with a second part.
Fans of the Boruto anime series will be excited to hear that the show is set to continue with a second part.

Facing the Hunt:

Eida’s powers make Boruto a target, but he’s not one to be captured easily. Despite the odds, our ninja protagonist shows he’s got the strength to fend off capture.

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Borrowing from Kakashi:

In a surprising turn, Boruto reveals that he’s been learning from the legendary copycat ninja, Kakashi. This time, he pulls off one of Kakashi’s significant techniques, proving that he’s been following in the footsteps of the masked warrior.

Spoiler Alert:

If you haven’t read Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6, be warned – spoilers ahead! Kakashi, known for recreating techniques with his unique eye, has inspired Boruto to take on one of his iconic moves.

Original Attacks:

While Kakashi had his share of original attacks, Boruto’s journey includes training with Kakashi and exploring his own capabilities. Even in the anime’s original stories, Boruto’s training with Kakashi hinted at his potential.

Purple Lightning Unleashed:

Chapter 6 unfolds with Boruto being pursued by his former teammate, Mitsuki. To turn the tables, Boruto surprises everyone by unleashing Kakashi’s “purple lightning” – a move with electrifying potential.

Sasuke’s Influence:

Boruto likely picked up this technique from none other than Sasuke Uchiha, his main teacher in the sequel series. However, Sasuke’s absence due to capture adds a layer of complexity to Boruto’s evolving skill set.

Ongoing Story:

With Boruto: Two Blue Vortex still early in its narrative, fans can anticipate discovering more of Boruto’s learned techniques. The ninja world holds many surprises, and Boruto Uzumaki is ready to unveil his arsenal.


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