Anita H Reddy: I am ready to come back to work now

Finding her way back to where ‘she belongs’, Anita Hassanandni recently shared a post on Instagram about missing the ‘glitz and glamour’ of the industry. While talking about her hiatus and desire to come back full time, she says, “I have done a web show and am expecting the release anytime soon. This was a very short shoot 8-9 months after my delivery so I had done it. But, I wasn’t ready then to take up a full-fledged TV show, now I am. Nothing is already in the pipeline but talks are going on. It’s just that I now feel a bit ready to commit because Aarav is also turning 4,” adding, “Kids never grow up for their parents but now he knows and understands the concept when I tell him that I am going to work and I will be returning. This makes me comfortable to come back to work. Earlier, he was so unaware of what was going on so I just wanted to be in front of his eyes as much as I could.”

Anita H Reddy on ending work hiatus
Anita H Reddy on ending work hiatus

Reflecting on her workaholic past, the 42-year-old expresses, “I was an absolute workaholic. There has literally been a point where I have done around 2-3 shows at one time, so I definitely miss the rush of working endless hours and getting ready from one character to another. But, this is a different phase of life which I am also enjoying. Having said that, some days I just wake up and feel like ‘Yaar, I miss that’.”

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Hassanandani feels that it is one’s personal choice regarding choosing between motherhood and career, saying, “To each is own. It is a very personal choice and about what you want in life. Anything that a mom chooses isn’t wrong; she should be satisfied and happy with her decision. Eventually, kids have to adjust to working moms because that’s how their life is going to be. The parents know the best for them and their child. To me, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with Aarav, and I did that, no regrets at all.”

“Although, my working schedules used to be so hectic so sometimes I used to miss that, miss dressing up, getting ready, doing the makeup, and taking different looks, definitely missed that. Sitting at home, you just get lazy and so tired, I don’t know what it is. Even if I have to step out, mai 10 baar sochti hu ki if I’m ready to put in the effort to dress up. When I see my old pictures, I am like ‘Damn, I miss that glamour’!” the actor further adds.

Opening up about the struggles of postpartum weight loss, she tells us, “It was a lot of struggle to get back to my original self, weight-wise. I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself, I didn’t do anything harsh for the first one year. After giving myself time to heal mentally and physically, I started pushing myself, and now it’s another 6 kgs, and I’ll be myself again.”


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