Brett Gelman backs Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp’s views on Israel-Hamas

Brett Gelman backs Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp’s views on Israel-Hamas

Noah Schnapp recently broke his silence on the controversial video, where he was seen distributing stickers with slogans like “Zionism is sexy” and “Hamas is ISIS.” On Tuesday, the 19-year-old actor took to TikTok in an attempt to clear the air amid cancel calls. Although Schnapp said that his views were “misconstrued,” his Stranger Things co-star Brett Gelman disagrees.

Brett Gelman defends Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp's views on Israel-Hamas war
Brett Gelman defends Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp’s views on Israel-Hamas war

Following Schnapp’s TikTok video, the 47-year-old actor and comedian came to his defence. In a conversation with TMZ at the Los Angeles Airport, Gelman told the outlet that he doesn’t think Schnapp’s views on the Israel-Hamas war “warrants an apology.”

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Bret Gelman defends Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp

Gelman admitted to the outlet that he liked the viral videos and pictures of Schnapp distributing the controversial stickers last year. “I saw nothing wrong with the original thing that he said, I will say that,” Gelman said. The Fleabag star continued, “Zionism is the belief that Israel should exist, and that’s sexy to me too.”

He further agreed with Schnapp drawing parallels between Hamas and the terrorist organisation ISIS. Gelman further went on to say, “I think that if you are not for Israel, you are either consciously or subconsciously engaging in antisemitism.” “I’m not talking about being for every detail of its government- I’m not for Netanyahu, but I’m for Israel. I’m for the Israeli people,” he added.

‘Israel did not start this war,’ Gelman says

Gelman explained that he believes “Israel has the right to defend itself.” “Do I know the ins and outs of that military operation? No, I don’t know. I’m not in the military, and I’m not in those rooms. So I hope that there is nothing that is being done that is not necessary,” he added.

“I’m not for the death of innocent Palestinians at all, and my heart goes out to them and for their families as well. But, at the same time, I don’t know why no one is placing their deaths at all on the responsibility of Hamas,” the Lemon star confessed. “Everybody wants peace, nobody wants war. Israel did not start this war,” Gelman asserted.


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