‘Devastating’ X-Men 97 Episode 5 hailed the ‘best thing from Marvel Studios’, here’s why | Web Series ullu-web-prime.com

‘Devastating’ X-Men 97 Episode 5 hailed the ‘best thing from Marvel Studios’, here’s why | Web Series ullu-web-prime.com

The X-Men fandom army flocked to the internet after the latest episode of the Disney+ series X-Men’97 premiered on April 10 – for all devastating reasons. While ahead of the series premiere, many netizens dragged the network for roping in its “woke” agenda to sabotage the iconic superhero saga, those claims were laid to rest on March 20.

X-Men '97 poster.(X)
X-Men ’97 poster.(X)

As of April 10, the series has wholeheartedly garnered heartwarmingly positive responses from superhero fans who are still coming to terms with the mindboggling revival of the beloved ‘90s series X-Men: The Animated Series. It’s suffice to say everyone who had doubted the track of the animated continuation instantly warmed up to its direction and tone. The old series that ran from 1992 to 1997 left its fans hanging by the cliff while compelling them to deal with unbearable grief upon Professor X’s death.

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Sparked with modern-day charm, the series retains the authentic flavours of the past. Cut to April 10, 2024, the series has churned out a devastating mix of emotions. Viewers took to social media to declare X-Men 97 Episode 5 “one of the best episodes of television” through their tears.

Here’s what happened.

X-Men 97 Episode 5 plot

The latest entry to the show took shocking turns as major character deaths were unprecedentedly unleashed on the screen. Titled “Remember It,” the fifth addition struck down the fan-favourite heroes. The hard-hitting and character-driven direction opted by the unparalleled series switched its focus to Gambit and Rogue, accompanying Magneto to Genosha in Episode 5.

In the mutant utopia, the series spotlights the love triangle between the aforementioned trio, as the subtext between the lines goes deeper to establish profound character dynamics.

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On the other hand, the X Mansion becomes witness to Scott and Jean Grey’s rocky relationship.

A bigger responsibility is handed to Magneto as he’s tasked to be Genosha’s ruler. Although he accepts, he puts forward the condition that Rogue be by his side. As tensions swell, she opens up about her past relationship with Magneto to Gambit. He clearly doesn’t take this well.

Ultimately, these personal issues take the back seat as the country faces a dreadful sentinel attack. The trio has no choice but to put their feelings aside and fight together against this lethal threat. The final sequence stitches together action sequences seamlessly beyond belief.

The high-stakes combat goes all out, with Magneto and Gambit laying down their lives in the end. The unexpected, high-on-emotion episode concluded on a poignant note, and fans are still reeling from the shock. Marvel characters can’t really ever be gone, taking into account all kinds of factors, especially time travel. But, for now, this unsettling breaking point, reaching its heartbreaking climax with the dialogue, “The name’s Gambit, mon ami. Remember it,” is enough to leave the entire fandom teary-eyed.

Superhero fans react to the new X-Men episode:

Mourning alongside the X-Men squad, fans were exceedingly moved and their tweets reflected the general tragedy-struck mood painstakingly. “X-Men 97 continues to be some of the best, spine-tingling, emotion-filled viewing on any show on any streaming service…. I just can’t deal!” wrote a fan on X/Twitter.

Another rose up to laud the narrative beauty of the series and explain the devastating impact of Episode 5: “X-men 97 deadass might be the best-animated thing that Marvel has put out as of late the f***ing devastation in episode 5 alone is just…something else.”

Endless streams of praise for the latest outing opened the internet gates to comments like: “Episode 5 of X-Men 97 is the BEST, hands down, undisputed, adaptation of the mutants ever. I am not saying this lightly, or only looking at a specific aspect. Emotion, scope, narrative, dialogue, action, consequence. Brace yourself.”

Though left speechless, many felt compelled to type out what the episode had left them feeling: “All of you who have to wait till later to watch X-Men ‘97, just know that I think that it’s possibly one of the best episodes to ever be made. Like, f**k, I’m just sat here dazed.”

Other tweets poured in touching expressions of approval for the series. An X user wrote, “X-men 97 is the best series of 2024. It’s going to be hard to make something better than this,” while another tweeted, “X-Men ‘97 is straight 🔥”.

Here are some more reactions to the heart-pounding episode of the series, explaining what makes it such a winner:

  • “The original series and its successor have delivered the best goddamn comic book story adaptation experience into animated form.”
  • “Live action productions pay attention: CHARACTERS FIRST. And placed in the hands of talent that love them to death.”
  • “X-Men 97 Ep. 5: “Remember It” is the BEST X-Men cartoon I’ve ever seen in my life! The drama from the comics translates 100 times better. The easter eggs, detail, continuity, and honouring of source material are phenomenal! if this is how it starts Marvel Animation is the future!”
  • “X-Men 97 is genuinely f***ing fantastic and probably the best thing from Marvel Studios… ever? Like, beautifully animated, brilliantly written, top tier voice talent? This is what we need more of. It’s shockingly fantastic. I’m loving it.”
  • “Just finished episode 5 of X-Men ‘97. The most devastating 30 minutes of TV I’ve seen. losing both gambit and magneto😭”
  • “OMG! I am not joking or over exaggerating when I say that Episode 5 of X-Men ’97 was one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen PERIOD! ”

Another fan remembered to call out the haters who rose to the stand to denounce the show even before its official premiere: “I remember back when X-men ’97 dropped its first trailer and how many of yall said it couldn’t live up to the original and how Marvel Studios would fumble it. Now look at y’all.”

X-Men ‘97 Episode 6, titled Lifedeath Pt 2, will roll out on Disney+ on Wednesday, April 17, revealing how the superheroes deal with the rollercoasters that were this week’s happenings.



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