Gaurav Gera: Influencers must use their platforms to encourage the youth correctly and exercise their power to vote

Gaurav Gera: Influencers must use their platforms to encourage the youth correctly and exercise their power to vote

Actor and social media influencer Gaurav Gera enjoys a huge fanbase that lauds his funny and relatable content. He recently shared a video on his Instagram page, where he urged and encouraged his followers to step out of their houses and cast their vote.

Gaurav Gera
Gaurav Gera

While the said video was for a brand, and he admits that the idea to spread the message [to vote] was suggested to him in the collaboration script, Gera asserts that several influencers do understand their responsibility to vote.

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“I often come across campaigns on social media where I see celebrities lending support to such strong causes. It’s very impressive to see some influencers also associate with such campaigns. I got the opportunity to talk about the importance of voting, with the brand I collaborated with, so the concept was according to that. However, personally also, I would have definitely posted a picture, which I still will [once I cast my vote],” says Gera, who will be coming to Gurugram to cast his vote for the Lok Sabha elections on May 25.

The 48-year-old, best known for TV show Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, and popular character sketches Shopkeeper and Chutki, believes that social media is a great medium to reach out to the youth.

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“Besides all the fun, influencers should use these social media tools for meaningful conversations as well. Hopefully, the sensible creators tie up with NGOs and do a lot of things to raise awareness. Voting is a very important thing. A lot of people turn 18 every year. Our youth has a lot of power and they can vote for whoever they want, but it is important to cast your vote. It is everyone’s commonly understood decision,” he states.

Talking about the power that social media influencers have with the kind of reach they have for their content on daily basis, Gera feels it is important for them to spread a strong word about voting, and believe in it themselves, too.

“Social media offers a great power and if a lot of people use it, they also must use it correctly. I have used my reach to talk about blood donation and other such causes that need awareness. Everyone is working towards it, but we need more people doing it correctly.”


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