Jodie Foster says she hid career from sons who believed she was a construction worker

Washington [US], January 20 (ANI): American actor and filmmaker Jodie Foster wanted her sons to look at her as a normal person and not as a celebrity mom and so kept her acting career a secret from them, according to Page Six.

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She wanted them to have a normal life as much as possible, it said.

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‘The Accused’ actor revealed on the talk show, ‘The View’, that, to prevent her acting job from influencing how her now-adult sons saw her, she kept it a secret from them when they were younger.

“I guess I just didn’t want them to know me that way,” Foster, 61, explained. “I wanted them to know me as their mom and the person who went away to work and stuff.”

“I just didn’t want them to be confused about what I did for a living,” she continued.

The boys spent their early years believing that Jodie was a construction worker, even though she brought her oldest son, Charles “Charlie” Bernard Foster, 25, to set with her when he was three.

“I brought him to set one day and I bought him a little plastic tool belt and stuff,” she recalled. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, and this is this set and this set and this set.’ And for a really long time, he thought I was a construction worker.”

The Oscar-winning actress is also mother to son Christopher “Kit” Bernard Foster, 22, whom she shares with former partner Cydney Bernard.

Although the boys’ exact realisation of their mother’s fame is unknown, Charlie has since followed in Jodie’s footsteps by performing in plays throughout school.

Despite her sons’ interest in the entertainment industry, the legendary actress joked that they “have no interest in watching my movies with me.”

“There’s a few films that I would never show them because I would be worried about being teased,” Jodie joked, specifically pointing towards 1995’s “Nell” in which she played a “wild child” who spent most of her upbringing in isolation.

She believes they might watch the new season of ‘True Detective: Night Country’, though, since they are “really into” the show, rather than necessarily to cheer her on.

Over the years, Foster has largely avoided the spotlight when it comes to her family, especially when it comes to her sons and her marriage to Alexandra Hedison, which took place in 2014.

However, Charlie made a rare appearance on “The Tonight Show” earlier this week while supporting the “Nyad” star.

After Jodie took the stage, host Jimmy Fallon told her that he was “really excited” to meet the redhead, who waved as the camera cut to him in the audience.

“That’s a supportive son right there,” Fallon said while clapping. “We love you Charlie!”

The actress recently came under fire for calling Generation Z “really annoying” at work, even though both of her children are in their 20s, according to Page Six. Still, Jodie said she frequently tries “reaching out to young actresses” with assistance, hoping to spare them the struggles she experienced in her early career. Sadly, the majority of internet commenters seemed more interested on her alleged diss than in her attempts to assist the generation.

“Ah the boomers moaning about laziness and can’t stand the idea that this gen are way ahead in their attitudes towards work and giving away too much of themselves,” one user on X (formerly Twitter) wrote.

“RUDEE!!” a second person chimed, as a third added, “I agree but to be fair, aren’t the older generations to blame for raising them?, reported Page Six. (ANI)


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