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In the latest string of BTS trends on X (formerly Twitter), fans of the group collectively banded together to fire back at claims of “favouritism” towards Jungkook. The severely divisive issue incited an online civil war of tirades amid the ongoing promotion of J-Hope’s 2024 special album, Hope on the Street Vol 1, chronicling his street dancer roots. An accompanying docuseries also dropped on March 27.

BTS members J-Hope and Jungkook collaborated on the former's album Hope on the Street Vol 1 for the track 'I Wonder'. The album dropped on March 29. (pic credit- bighit music, source music, hybe label)
BTS members J-Hope and Jungkook collaborated on the former’s album Hope on the Street Vol 1 for the track ‘I Wonder’. The album dropped on March 29. (pic credit- bighit music, source music, hybe label)

Despite the septet departing from the music scene for a temporary hiatus as they complete their mandatory military service periods, the group members have alternately delivered musical presents for their fans. Instead of the fanbase, collectively known as BTS ARMYs, rejoicing at the feat, it now lies divided over a much-debated line of discussions.

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Why is ‘Jungkook Go Solo’ trending?

The South Korean music act has retained its spot in the headlines despite calling off promotions, wherein they’re physically present to take things ahead. However, a weekend tweet from an international BTS fan left the fandom torn asunder amid the ongoing series of jollities.

Releasing on March 29, J-Hope’s Hope on the Street Vol 1 album boasted of a surprise collaboration between him and the youngest BTS member, Jungkook. The I Wonder track became a precursor heartwarming reminder of the group’s much-awaited 2025 reunion. But these celebrations were disrupted as an X user, @gabi_persinoti, tweeted about local South Korean fans’ “favouritism towards JK.”

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Presumably, having visited the Asian country, they addressed how ‘K-Armys’ only play Jungkook’s songs in public. They instantly suspected it was foul play since J-Hope’s album had been released merely a few days ago.

In their now-deleted tweet, the Twitterati also called out a local small business woman for blatantly asking them to buy Jungkook merchandise when they picked RM and Jin’s counterparts. Moreover, they probed into the lack of any J-Hope paraphernalia around the city despite the ongoing hype for his new album and docuseries.

Fellow enraged BTS ARMYs came down hard on the admin for dragging Jungkook into this narrative. Even though the original tweet, which had supposedly garnered over five hundred thousand and two thousand likes, was deleted, its screenshots went viral. Fans berated them for initiating such a discordant theme of conversation.

How BTS ARYMs reacted to the ‘Jungkook Hate’ agenda?

In addition to the aforementioned tweet, BTS Jungkook’s fans pulled out several other “receipts” demonstrating netizens’ “hate” for him.

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“The hate on JK has been so normalised & no one talking about this,” wrote an X user. A vast army of fans jumped in to claim that he should “go solo.” Similar trending hashtags, including ‘BTS Disband’, ‘ARMYs free Jungkook’, ‘ARMYs apologise to Jungkook’, ‘Jungkook leave BTS’ and more, added to the same line of thought.

Someone even wrote, “I just want him to be completely solo. I’ve saying this for years that bts is the one holding him back from getting bigger. From music perspective even their fandom. Jungkook doesn’t need bts and ratmys to be successful without them he can achieve even more.” 

Another fan echoed the idea, “I hope he becomes a solo singer in the future, and I hope he only cares and loves the people who support him the most, not the army (some of them are hypocrites).” A third tweet read, “Jungkook worked hard for the armys but they didn’t appreciate his effort.”



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