One Piece Chapter 1112 spoilers: Zoro missing in action; Luffy faces off against Ju Peter

One Piece Chapter 1112 spoilers: Zoro missing in action; Luffy faces off against Ju Peter

The long, stretched-out wait for the next One Piece manga chapter is about to pay off. Mangaka Eiichiro Oda took the opportunity time to thank the fans for patiently waiting for the 1112th chapter, which, according to the spoilers, has cooked up an action-packed showdown between Luffy and Ju Peter.

Zoro will not be seen in One Piece Chapter 1112, releasing on April 22 at 12 am JST.
Zoro will not be seen in One Piece Chapter 1112, releasing on April 22 at 12 am JST.

Scheduled to release with the #21 issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump, One Piece Chapter 1112 will be out on Monday, April 22, at 12 am JST. The recently leaked raw scans of the much-awaited chapter allege that Zoro will be out of the picture for this round. Therefore, his admirers may have to wait another week to catch him in action, as other theories signify that this, too, shall be worth the wait, with him playing an unparalleled role in this arc’s conclusion.

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Eiichiro Oda’s manga has been on a hiatus since the last chapter rolled out in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #17 in March. However, otakus can now kick back and relax as their beloved title will keep moving along. Chapter 1112 spoilers suggest no such break will halt the following entry after the April 22 release.

One Piece Chapter 1112 spoilers

A collective spoiler list by X/Twitter user @pewpiece revealed the next chapter’s title as ‘Hard Aspect.’ It alludes to the astrological mention of ‘aspects,’ which refers to the angular relationship between planets in the horoscope.

These One Piece spoilers set forth Zoro and Jinbe missing in action throughout the forthcoming chapter. The initial moments of the alleged 17-page issue start with a marine report addressing the defeat of all remaining Pacifistas in Eggland Island. Nusjuro is said to have achieved the feat.

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While on the Northeast coast, Franky’s “Strong Right” attack gets the better of Vice Admiral Red King. On the other hand, Vice Admiral Guillotine is stumped by Bonney’s cruelty, who transforms Pomsky into a child and kicks him.

The focus eventually shifts to Vegapunk York and Saint Mars. The broadcast remains unfazed despite the latter striking down the room, which served as the origin point of Dr Vegapunk’s message. York then reveals a Distribution Transponder Snail as the real source of the broadcast.

Hearing the truth, Mars contemplates reducing the entire lab to rubble, but York warns him that the Weapon Development Floor and Power Plant, being in the vicinity, would also be impacted in the process. Punk Records would also stand witness to the destruction.

Switching to a panel focusing more on Luffy, One Piece Chapter 1112 will have him tackle Ju Peter in a way that will restore his “old man” form. While facing off against Peter, Luffy is claimed to have yanked out a building from its foundation and hurled it into his rival’s mouth. 

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However, doing so significantly reflected in his plummeting strength, thus pulling him out of Gear 5. Moreover, while attempting to take on Warcury, Luffy will get hurt further.

Nusjuro eventually also makes his unexpected, lethal appearance.

After burying himself deep into the probe for the Distribution Transponder Snail, Mars finally makes the anticipated discovery. Triumphantly amused with his findings, he believes Vegapunk is out of luck. However, before he can take another step to destroy the object, he hears a bizarre sound. The chapter ends with him looking up at something with a grave expression.


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