Poonam Dhillon elected as CINTAA’s new President, aims to help smaller TV artistes get faster payments ullu-web-prime.com

Poonam Dhillon elected as CINTAA’s new President, aims to help smaller TV artistes get faster payments ullu-web-prime.com

Actor Poonam Dhillon has taken over Cine and TV Artistes Association (CINTAA) as the new president, and she is looking forward to working closely with the newly appointed team comprising actor Padmini Kohlapure, who has been elected as the Vice President and actor-comedian Upasana Singh as the General Secretary.

Poonam Dhillon
Poonam Dhillon

“I was very touched and happy when the news reached me. They needed a female president and Padmini also suggested my name. It was all done very amicably,” says Dhillon.

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In her new role, the actor wants to focus on improving the finances of smaller TV artistes, who earn less that 5,000 per month. As per the current rule, all artistes working in a television production get paid after 90 days, and Dhillon is of the opinion that artistes, who earn per day with a small amount should be paid sooner.

“We have highlighted about the artistes who are on a lower pay scales. Actors who earn a huge amount of payment and have a contract with the producer, are not so much in need of help, as the artistes who are shooting for a day or two and getting paid very well. We have decided to focus on those issues,” asserts the 62-year-old.

Elaborating on why the attention needs to turn to artistes with lower wages, Dhillon says it’s important for people who are sustaining their livelihood, their families and necessities, based on their earnings, to get paid in a stipulated amount of time.

“And 90-days is a long period anyway. We are not telling the producers to increase their payment, that is up to the producer and the artistes, but I do think one of the very important thing is to give the payment earlier. The idea is not to trouble the producers but it’s a small and fair request,” she adds.

With these little amendments to the current pay cycle among other things, Dhillon feels that it will not only benefit the producers, but artistes, too, will feel more responsible. Asked if there is any timeline in mind that the new leadership is looking at to implement these changes, and the actor says they will want things to roll out as early as possible.

“Also, it’s not solely not in our hands to implement new strategies. We have to work in full cooperation with all parties involved. I cannot say two months, six moths or one year. We have to work with other agencies but we definitely want to work on it very soon,” she concludes.


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