Rumi’s story can’t go on: Broken But Beautiful actor Sonia Rathee on season 4 being skipped in Siddharth Shukla’s memory

Rumi’s story can’t go on: Broken But Beautiful actor Sonia Rathee on season 4 being skipped in Siddharth Shukla’s memory

It’s been three years since Siddharth Shukla’s untimely demise shocked everyone, and he continues to live in the hearts of his fans and colleagues. Last seen in the web show Broken But Beautiful 3 that released in May 2021, Shukla died in September the same year.

A still from Broken But Beautiful season 3
A still from Broken But Beautiful season 3

To honour his memory, producer-director Ekta Kapoor recently announced that they will forgo the fourth season of the show.

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Check out her Insta post while she also announced the fifth season of the show.

Now, reacting to Kapoor’s decision, actor Sonia Rathee, who starred opposite Shukla in Broken and Beautiful 3, says, “It’s a brilliant gesture.”

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“I don’t think Agastya (Shukla) and Rumi’s (Rathee) story should have gone forward without Siddharth. It wouldn’t have felt right,” she continues, “This is actually a very beautiful homage to him. Ekta knew season four cannot be made with anybody else but him. He definitely deserved an homage and it’s quite beautiful that they decided to do that because he kind of encapsulates what Agastya was, and Rumi’s story can’t go on without him.”

Reflecting on her time on set with the late actor, Rathee, who was last seen in Tara Vs Bilal (2022), recalls how nervous she was initially, being new to the craft. She remembers how Shukla supported her and eased her nerves when she was “all worked up”.

She says, “Things used to get to me a lot. There’s so much that happens on the set — the costume doesn’t fit or the producer is shouting at you. I remember it was my first day on set and it was my second scene shooting the show and I had to cry. This is the scene where I think I’m wearing a plaid skirt and top and Siddharth looks me in the mirror and I have to cry. I was so nervous. I was working myself up and had already taken eight takes. He just took me aside and said ‘it’s ok, chill. Main raat bhar rahunga yaha. It’s fine.’ And he did that several times during the filming of the series.”

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Remembering Shukla and his “unmatchable aura”, Rathee says she feels “blessed” to have worked with a co-star like him. She adds that the energy and positivity Shukla brought on set was inspiring.

“He was a mentor to me. I remember having long conversations where he would advise me, all because I was so new. Every time I look back at it, I remember all the things he used to tell me and they ring so true. I learned so much from him. He definitely brought confidence in me and I will always be grateful for that. I will always reflect back on that time with such a filled heart and it will always make me happy,” she wraps up.


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