Sharman Joshi opens up on taking up the art of mentalism: I feel a new mentalist is born

Sharman Joshi opens up on taking up the art of mentalism: I feel a new mentalist is born

Six years back, actor Sharman Joshi watched an act on mentalism performed by Bhupesh Dave. Intrigued by the art, he decided to start learning it and now, he is coming up with his own show with Dave titled Braintertainers. Ask him about this new venture and he shares, “I was just zapped and amazed by Bhupesh’s show. After that, we met often. I asked him how he does it, but he said that the tricks of the trade can’t be shared. So, I started training under him. During Covid, we started jamming seriously and that’s when we came up with our show, which is happening on June 2.”

Sharman Joshi on taking up mentalism(Jitu Savlani)
Sharman Joshi on taking up mentalism(Jitu Savlani)

However, taking up this new art form had the 45-year-old’s family members doubt the decision initially. “They were surprised and skeptical and I was too. This was a completely new arena that I had no idea about. But then I convinced myself because I really wanted to do it, and eventually they got convinced too,” he says, adding that he has already done a mock show in front of some college students and got some terrific response. “I feel a new mentalist is born,” he insists.

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Joshi turned host on TV for two shows—WWE and Naya Bharat Sunehra Amrit Kaal. He asserts that the hosting gig gave him the courage to take up mentalism. “It helped me learn how to improvise and work with audience participation, which happens in mentalism too. I wouldn’t have found the confidence to take up mentalism had I not done these two shows,” he says, adding that while he is ready to perform in front of a big audience, he still is skeptical of performing for his family. “I am not yet confident enough to perform in front them. Only after my show will I get that courage,” he says.

The actor-turned-mentalist informs that his show is meant for teenagers and young adults. But he has already made plans to expand his audience. “I am planning to do a magic show for kids in future. We would depict the whole journey of how magic first appeared in the world, to how it came to India,” he reveals. So, will his actor-friends from the industry be invited to his upcoming show? “The tickets are very expensive, they will have to come buy it,” he quips.

On the acting front, Joshi had earlier expressed desire to return for filmmaker Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal FIVE. Many original actors are returning to their film franchises after a gap, including Akshay Kumar in Welcome To The Jungle and Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3. Thus, Joshi feels his return to Golmaal series would be fitting too. “I am still hoping for it. I haven’t done comedy in a long time and Golmaal is really special to me. I would be really happy to be a part of it,” he ends.


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