Taxi Driver actor Lee Je Hoon gears up for new K-drama Chief Detective 1958 | Web Series

The new Chief Detective 1958 table read stills show the upcoming K-drama star cast under one roof. Lee Je Hoon, widely known for his prolific acting chops, especially in the Taxi Driver drama series, is back as the leading man once again.

Taxi Driver actor Lee Je Hoon settles into his new role as a police detective with the highest arrest rate.(Instagram / mbcdrama_now)
Taxi Driver actor Lee Je Hoon settles into his new role as a police detective with the highest arrest rate.(Instagram / mbcdrama_now)

Serving as the prequel to the classic Korean show Chief Inspector that aired from 1971 to 1989, the new series is directed by Kim Sung Hoon, with Kim Young Shin helming the script. Leaping back into time, the period drama title will be set in 1958. Its ensemble cast welcomes actors Lee Dong Hwi, Choi Woo Sung, Seo Eun Soo, Yoon Hyun Soo, Jung Soo Bin, Choi Duk Moon and Choi Bool Am.

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Lee Je Hoon already seems well-settled in his role as the younger Park Young Han, a detective rough around the edges who’s just moved to Seoul from the humble origins of the countryside. Veteran actor Choi Bool Am originally played Park Young Han’s character. He was also snapped alongside Lee at the prequel script reading and is set to make a special appearance in the new series.

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The table read also caught Je Hoon all suited up and in character. His charismatic vibe has again got the fans swooning, who can’t wait to watch him in action again. Lee Je Hoon was last seen in the two seasons of Taxi Driver and Move to Heaven.

Chief Detective 1958 Kdrama release date

The upcoming South Korean period action drama series is confirmed to release in April 2024. Its episodes will air on the Korean network MBC TV every Friday and Saturday.

Chief Detective 1958 cast and characters

Lee Dong Hwi, who had previously shared the screen with legendary veteran actor Choi Min Sik in the Disney+ series Big Bet, will be portraying the role of detective Kim Sang Soon. His character has been dubbed the “crazy dog” by the police force. Lee Je Hoon’s role will significantly influence his life, and their characters are expected to share a fun chemistry since both are equally driven to deliver justice.

Choi Woo Sung will be taking on the role of Jo Kyung Hwan. He, too, joins the same police station as the previously mentioned characters. He looks up to Park Young Han and aspires to become like him. Yoon Hyun Soo, formerly spotted in A Good Day to Be a Dog, also plays a significant role as another employee at the Jongnam Police Station.

Seo Eun Soo’s Lee Hye Joo is a bookstore owner who shares many heart-fluttering moments with Lee Je Hoon.

Alongside them, Choi Duk Moon steps in as Park Young Han’s mentor, a morally upright senior police officer. Jung Soo Bin plays Bong Nan Sil, a high school girl whose life is centred around mystery novels.

With Choi Bool Am, the original actor who played the leading role back in the ’70s, right by their side, the prequel series’ cast and crew were deeply moved. It was all reflected in the synergy created between the actors.

Fans react to Lee Je Hoon’s photos from the Chief Detective 1958 table read

As always, fans started swooning over Lee Je Hoon as soon as the pictures and the video of the big moment hit the internet. While a fan was excited to see “how chaotic” Lee Je Hoon and Lee Dong Hwi’s duo was going to be in the series, another one tweeted, HE’S GORGEOUUUUUUUUS CAN’T WAIT!!!”

It’s almost as if the Signal actor’s fans have already assumed the best from this series. “Drama of the year is coming to us!! Park Younghan is gonna serve”, asserted an X (formerly Twitter) user.


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