Namak Part 2 2023 Ullu-web-series EP.4,5,6

Namak Part 2 2023 Ullu-web-series EP.4,5,6

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Download Namak (Season 2) (2023) Hindi ULLU WEB Series

Genre: 18+ | Sex | Nudity

Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p

Size: 120MB | 350MB | 600MB

Language: Hindi

Release Date: January 06, 2023


Cast: AMIT (SUMAN DAS), Sapan (Muskhan Agarwal), SHOPKEEPER (Jambhekar), UNCLE (ANUPAM GHAI)

Story: Rahul and Sapna have an estranged marriage, where despite there being love between them it is not a happy one. Due to certain circumstances, Sapna gets physically intimate with multiple men. What seems like a naive mistake..! Free Download And Watch This ULLU WEB Prime Online Only On ullu-web-prime


Namak Part 2 2023 Ullu-web-series EP.4,5,6Namak Part 2 2023 Ullu-web-series EP.4,5,6Namak Part 2 2023 Ullu-web-series EP.4,5,6 Namak Part 2 2023 Ullu-web-series EP.4,5,6


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