Watchman Part 1 2023 Ullu Web Series Episode

Watchman Part 1 2023 Ullu Web Series Episode

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Watchman Web Series Cast, Actress, Trailer, And All Episodes Videos on Ullu APP

Digital streaming platform Ullu released the poster and short teaser of the upcoming web series Watchman, IMLI, Rikshawala, and Dream Girl. In this article, we will talk about the upcoming web series WATCHMAN.


Watchman Part 1



Watchman Part 1 is a Hindi language drama web series that will stream very soon on the Ullu OTT platform and website for 18+ age subscribers. Ullu always releases web series in many Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri.


You will be surprised to know that four actresses are leading this Ullu Web Series show Watchman Part 1 The actresses are all of your favorite actresses Priya Gamre, Taniya Chatterji, Pihu Singh, and Arita Paul. We hope you have seen actress Priya Gamre in many other Ullu web series like Siskiyaan, Sahad, Matki, Maa Devrani Beti Jethani, and Gachhi. Priya Gamre is a Bollywood actress who has already done many TV serials and regional movies in the Marathi and Bhojpuri languages.

Actress Taniya Chatterji before this web series worked in many other Ullu movies like Dil Do, Titliyaan, and Jaal. She is also associated with many OTT Indian platforms and continues working from them. Her newly released web series Wild Fantasy is streaming on the Cine Prime OTT platform.


If we talk about the actress Arita Paul she has come back after a long with Ullu’s new web series Watchman Part 1 but earlier she has already done dozens of fantasy web series. The web series is Hum Apke Fan Hai, The Gift, Mumbhai, Two Hot Milf, My Girl Friends Love Story, KLPD, Teachers Birthday, P.G. Girl, Chhupa Rustam, and many others.


Actress Pihu Singh already leads the Ullu web series Palang Tod Naye Padosi, Digi Movieplex web series 61-62 Rocket, Voovi app web series Mardana Sasur and others.

Release date of the Watchman web series

The release date of the Ullu web series Watchman Part 1 is set to release on 31st January 2023 in multiple Indian languages for 18+ age subscribers and audiences.

Watchman web series story

Ullu app never discloses the story of upcoming web series. So it is difficult to write here about the story of the Watchman Part 1 web series. According to the short teaser of the web series, a Watchman is dreaming about the beautiful women in society and shares his feelings with friends. His friend tries to convince him but the watchman is not ready to understand the reality. Does the watchman have any plan for that? wait till the release of all episodes of the web series Watchman.

यह एक ऐसे समाज की कहानी है जहां एक Watchman Part 1  चौकीदार काम करता है। समाज में तीन विवाहित महिलाएँ हैं: छाया, तनु और ममता। समाज का चौकीदार इन तीनों विवाहित महिलाओं से संबंध बनाता है। कुछ देर बाद तनु और ममता ने चौकीदार से दूरी बना ली। आगे क्या होगा जानने के लिए देखें चौकीदार वेब सीरीज केवल उल्लू वेब सीरीज पर।

Watchman cast(s) name

Taniya Chatterjee Taniya Chatterjee – as – Tannu
Aritaa Paul Aritaa Paul – as – Chhaya
Pihu Singh Pihu Singh
Priya Gamre Priya Gamre – as – Mamta


Watchman Web Series Trailers

The trailers of all Watchman Part 1 Web Series are open on YouTube at close to no expense. You can essentially visit the power direct and participate in the baffling which would give you an idea for the central video.

The trailer of any web series overall shows the parts of the records, this is generally a little video that is the concentration of an enormous number of episodes.

Details of the Watchman Day web series

Here are the details of the 2023 Watchman Ullu web series,

Series name: Watchman (2023)
Season: 1
Part: 1
Type: Web series
Online video platform: ULLU WEB SERIES
Language: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali
Date of publication: January 31, 2023 (Tuesday)


Watchman Part 1 2023 Ullu Web Series Episode



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