Why fans love NCIS: Hawaii, franchise’s first female-led series: Enraged fandom pushes CBS to undo cancellation ullu-web-prime.com

Why fans love NCIS: Hawaii, franchise’s first female-led series: Enraged fandom pushes CBS to undo cancellation ullu-web-prime.com

Vanessa Lachey may not always have rounded up an ever-present favourable audience vote during her Love Is Blind days, but she clearly won the viewers over as the first female lead of the NCIS franchise in the Hawaii chapter. However, CBS has now stolen that win from her as well by cancelling the series after three seasons.

NCIS: Hawai'i cancelled by CBS after three season of being on air.
NCIS: Hawai’i cancelled by CBS after three season of being on air.

On April 27, the heartbroken NCIS: Hawai’i star wrote on her Instagram stories: “Gutted, confused, blindsided,” while also sending across a message to the viewers: “Grateful, confident, beloved fans!”

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Akin to how the Jane Tennant actress struggled to process the bombshell, the news caught the audience off guard. Fans instantly swarmed online to express their outraged reactions, not being able to see through CBS’ decision to cut the journey short.

The American police procedural series premiered in 2021 and had particularly gained a loyal niche fan-following for its wholesome POC and LGBTQ representation, especially with women-led narratives taking the helm. It also starred Alex Tarrant, Noah Mills, Yasmine Al-Bustami, Jason Antoon, Tori Anderson and Kian Talan.

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As the cast members and audiences grieve the loss of something they held close to their hearts, the show’s untimely fateful end couldn’t have been announced at a worse time – April 26 , also recognised as the Lesbian Visibility Day, with May – Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (AAPI Month) – just days away.

Fan reactions to NCIS: Hawaii cancellation

Loving viewers instantly launched a ‘Save NCIS: Hawaii on CBS’ Change.org petition and kicked open the hashtag trends for #SaveNCISHawaii on X/Twitter.

Lachey’s Hawaii-led chapter is facing a dismayed fate despite the franchise recently attaining the 1000-episode mark on April 15, with other features being picked up for future rides – NCIS Season 22 and NCIS: Sydney Season 2.

In the Change.org petition description, fans detail NCIS: Hawaii’s meaningful stance in their lives as “more than just a television show.”

The description further adds: “Over the past three years, it has become a beacon of representation and inspiration, changing lives in ways unimaginable. It’s not just about the thrilling plotlines or the engaging characters; it’s about what they stand for and how they’ve touched our hearts.” Additionally, fans even foregrounded the importance of seeing women in leading roles and how it has inspired “countless girls and women to see themselves as leaders.”

With the show’s leading couple setting the stage for endearing lesbian representation on a mainstream TV platform, NCIS: Hawaii has consolidated a diverse fandom community. The disappointed fans are urging CBS to push for the Season 4 production, so that they may properly bid their beloved beacon of inspiration farewell.

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Some X/Twitter responses read:

  • “CBS cancelling a female-led show with POC and queer representation really hurts. The show is so much more than just a show. It’s family. The cast and crew deserve better. We deserve better. #NCISHawaii #SaveNCISHawaii”
  • “I never dreamt i’d see queer middle eastern characters depicted in western media, esp one who exudes so much joy and love that Lucy Tara does. She made me feel just a little bit less lonely and for that I’m so grateful to #NCISHawaii and @yasalbustami for bringing her to life ❤️”
  • “Thank you to the cast & crew for giving us such wonderful stories of family, love & friendship. hope you know how special the show is & how loved it is by many.”
  • “Knowing exactly why they canceled #NCISHawaii. Representation matters and @CBSTVStudios just ripped away some of the best representation on tv. It’s not too late to fix your mistake, CBS. #SaveNCISHawaii.”
  • “While we’re all sharply grieving #NCISHawaii, I’d like to say an enormous, heartfelt thank you to @torianderson and @yasalbustami. I cannot express how much your brilliant, nuanced, thoughtful, funny portrayals of Whistler and Lucy—and Kacy—have meant to me and to so many of us.”
  • “Thinking about Vanessa’s post “blindsided”. How horrible, they were promised something and the they had it ripped away. My heart aches for her, she did so much for the 1000th ep. Did her so dirty. #SaveNCISHawaii #NCISHawaii”
  • “If it were any other show, it would hurt but that’s okay, but the feeling is that i’ve lost my family, my comfort and that hurts #NCISHawaii.”
  • “My heart breaks for the fans who have related to any of the characters on #NCISHawaii but I’m completely devastated for the cast and crew! They created a family and brought us along for the ride. #SaveNCISHawaii


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