Breaking Bad actor Bob Odenkirk finds out he is related to King Charles III

It turns out actor Bob Odenkirk is related to royalty. He, who is best known for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, discovered the same on TV recently after he appeared on Genealogy-based US television show Finding Your Roots. Going by the show, Bob is the 11th cousin of King Charles III. Also read: Better Call Saul, When great isn’t good enough for the Emmys

Bob Odenkirk finds his royal roots on a TV show. (Photo by JC Olivera / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)(Getty Images via AFP)
Bob Odenkirk finds his royal roots on a TV show. (Photo by JC Olivera / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)(Getty Images via AFP)

How Bob Odenkirk is related to King Charles

Bob Odenkirk’s family is from Chicago, where he was raised. In the show, ancestry experts claim that Bob’s fifth great-grandfather, Friedrich Carl Steinholz, was born in Plön, Germany, in 1755. Host Henry Louis Gates Jr tells the actor that Steinholz was born out of wedlock with the Duke of Plön, who is a part of Europe’s royal family due to intermarriage.

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Bob reacts to Royal roots

The Breaking Bad actor reacted by saying, “[It makes me feel] like a part of history that I didn’t think I was any part of, but I’m an American. I’m not a monarchist. I don’t believe in that.”

“You know, I feel like it’s a little twisted. I understand why society built itself around monarchs and leaders and they passed them down through generations. I understand that goes through every society, every civilisation. But I think that we’ve gotten to a better place with democracy, and we should keep going down that road.”

When the host informed him that he was related to King Charles III as his 11th cousin, Bob burst into laughter. He instantly added, “Well, maybe I’ll change my mind on that!” “That’s so funny, man. Oh, that is crazy! I never thought about that,” he also said.

In another clip from the show, Bob is seen laughing and saying: “Are you kidding me? That’s insane!” He also wished his mother could hear the news.

Who is Bob Odenkirk?

As per a report by Guardian, Bob Odenkirk is the second oldest of seven siblings born to his parents, Walter Odenkirk and Barbara Mary, who are Catholics of German and Irish descent. The actor was last seen in the hit US show The Bear. In the show, he appeared as Uncle Lee.

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