BTS fans blast HYBE with public diss: Ads & flower wreaths; ‘declared dead’

BTS fans blast HYBE with public diss: Ads & flower wreaths; ‘declared dead’

In response to HYBE’s recent spat with ADOR, ARMY, BTS’ loyal fan base, has gone on a full-on offensive. The controversy has brought BTS’ name into the spotlight, and fans are fed up with the tension and the “false and malicious comments” directed at the band. They feel their demands for action have gone unanswered, so ARMY has taken a more public stance. They’ve taken full-page newspaper ads and sent flower wreaths — a symbol often used in Korean to express dissatisfaction — directly to HYBE.

BTS fans blast HYBE with public diss: Ads & flower wreaths; ‘declared dead’
BTS fans blast HYBE with public diss: Ads & flower wreaths; ‘declared dead’

Why are BTS fans sending ads and flower wreaths to HYBE?

On Thursday, the Dynamite singer’s fanbase, ARMY, staged a symbolic protest at HYBE headquarters in Seoul’s Yongsan District. Dozens of flower wreaths, traditionally used in Korea to express discontent, were delivered to the building – home to major labels like ADOR, Source Music, and BTS’s own Big Hit.

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This happened at the same time that fans published a full-page advertisement in the newspaper. The ad presumably addressed ongoing allegations surrounding BTS. The fans’ anger is fueled by allegations of HYBE’s mishandling of artist conflicts and internal disputes, such as their recent spat with ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin. ARMY’s anger has reached a point where some are even calling for BTS to break up with the label and form a separate entity.

What are BTS’ fans demanding?

Fans of the Grammy-nominated singer are demanding, “HYBE and Big Hit Music must address baseless allegations and defamation against BTS responsibly. They should promptly announce their legal actions and the progress made.” Reports Allkpop.

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Stop using BTS as shield

Some of these ads and messages included angry letters addressed to Chairman Bang Si Hyuk, demanding that he stop using BTS as a shield to protect the agency from every controversy. “Congrats on the rumour of becoming the industry’s No. 1 incompetent agency,” remarked one fan. Another wrote, “Chairman Bang Si Hyuk of HYBE and CEO Park Ji Won should refrain from using BTS as a shield to deflect the agency’s internal and external issues.”

This follows multiple controversies involving BTS, including accusations of concept plagiarism and alleged interference with NewJeans’ success. The group has also been linked to a cult group and accusations of chart manipulation. All this is happening while members Jin, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung, Suga, and J-Hope are serving in the military, while HYBE plans for their grand comeback in 2025.


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