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“I need someone to steal my fate” says Park Min Young’s Kang Ji Won, who is pushed to her death by her husband and best friend. Even though she may have died in this lifetime, she finds herself travelling back 10 years into the past for a second chance in life. Speaking to Hindustan Times from Seoul, actor Park Min Young opened up about her character in Marry My Husband, as well as her take on Bollywood films. Also read: Park Hyung Sik on reuniting with Park Bo Young, love for India and more

Park Min Young talks about Bollywood, her show Marry My Husband and more in an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times.
Park Min Young talks about Bollywood, her show Marry My Husband and more in an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times.

Her show, Marry My Husband

Studio Dragon, which has brought revenge potboilers such as The Glory and Vincenzo, brings their latest time travel revenge thriller Marry My Husband, an adaptation of the webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of a terminally ill woman, who witnesses her best friend having an affair with her husband, and then is brutally murdered by them. When she travels back in time, she finds a willing accomplice in her boss Yu Ji Hyuk (Na In Woo), who helps her plot her revenge. Marry My Husband is streaming on Prime Video.

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Park Min Young on her Marry My Husband character

Park Min Young says, she was drawn to the premise of the show. “There wasn’t much similarity with the character, she is a timid, dependent, and victimised character that I hadn’t played before. I wanted to see her get strong and thought, ‘Come on, let’s get gratifying revenge’. Also when the script came to me, it was very readable and had me hooked.”

The actor’s drastic physical transformation, especially her deliberate weight loss to portray an ailing character, as well as Kang Ji Won’s frailty, had grabbed the attention of fans, who raised concerns. The actor, who had stressed she does not recommend extreme dieting, said, ”I don’t have much of a gluttonous nature, and I try to eat healthy, in general, so I was fine. Also, I ate a healthy diet except for the day before the shoot.”

Park Min Young on how she choose a role

One of the most popular South Korean actors, Park Min Young is a household name given her vast repertoire of dramas. From playing a woman cross-dressing as a man in the gender bender Sungkyunkwan Scandal and the feisty journalist in Healer to the secretary in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and the fan girl in Her Private Life, the 37-year-old actor says there is no method to her craft, and the process is fairly simple.

She says, “I chose, then and now, based on my intuition. It’s also important to me that the script be a fun read, so that I can be happy shooting it, whether it works or not.”

Park Min Young is known for her style, and for effortlessly carrying off ready-to-wear and designer outfits with equal èlan. The actor confesses, “I love fashion, and used to dream of being a designer; so I’m still interested in it. I haven’t had a break lately, so I’d like to take one.”

Park Min Young talks about Bollywood

With the ever-growing popularity of K-dramas, and even a few Indian adaptations, Park Min Young reveals she is a fan of Bollywood and would like to star in a movie in India. “I think of Bollywood movies as musicals. I think it’s great that they have their speciality and uniqueness. I can do a Bollywood film, if given the opportunity.”

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