Exclusive: Lee Mu Saeng, Lee Min Jae on K-drama Hide and being open to an offer from Bollywood | Web Series ullu-web-prime.com

Exclusive: Lee Mu Saeng, Lee Min Jae on K-drama Hide and being open to an offer from Bollywood | Web Series ullu-web-prime.com

Na Mun Yeong’s (Lee Bo Young) life is turned upside down after her husband Cha Seong Jae’s (Lee Mu Saeng) sudden disappearance. As Mun Yeong starts investigating the truth, she encounters some dark secrets, and shocking truths involving her husband. Whom does she trust? Her overtly friendly neighbour Ha Yeon Ju (Lee Chung Ah) or the mysterious Do Jin Woo (Lee Min Jae), who could well hold the key to the many secrets engulfing her life. (Also Read: Exclusive: Hangyeom on his acting debut in BL Jazz For Two and making music for Bollywood)

The lead actors of the South Korean show Hide in a promotional still for the series.
The lead actors of the South Korean show Hide in a promotional still for the series.

SLL’S latest investigative thriller, Hide, is the adaptation of the Welsh hit Keeping Faith, and has been directed by Kim Dong Hwi, known for his previous works such as Tale of Nokdu and Fight For My Way. The show’s leading men, Lee Mu Saeng and Lee Min Jae, speak exclusively to The Hindustan Times about getting in the skin of their characters and being more than happy to be part of a Bollywood film if given the opportunity.

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Lee Mu Saeng on what hooked him

Lee Mu Saeng (Maestra, Blood Free) plays Cha Sung Jae, a loving and devoted family man, but it seems beyond his congenial personality lies a calculating and forbidding man. Lee Mu Saeng confesses that it was the mysterious aspect of his character and the gripping script that hooked him.

“I like various genres, and mystery thriller is one of my favourites. While reading the script of Hide, I was intrigued by the fast-paced development of the story and duality in Cha Seong Jae. I set myself up for a challenge, while approaching my characters, and understanding their mind space, body language. With Sung Jae, he has many aspects to his personality, so the task lay in expressing his emotions , and how can one convincingly play this complicated man.”

He credits his co-star, Lee Bo Young, for the vitality she brought on set and for making his job easier. “She is a very positive person, and when the set is a happy place, it imparts great synergy amongst all actors to do their best.”

Lee Min Jae on the charm of his role

Lee Min Jae (Crash Course in Romance) plays Jin Woo, a young man who could well be holding the clues to the maze the characters find themselves in.

“I was fascinated by the multiple shades that my character has in the narrative. I also feel a genre like this has the power to provoke viewers and piques their curiosity. So the charm of playing Jin Woo further grew by the dark narrative of the character. I read the script several times, and realised his background story was of prime focus to be the way he was in life and the situations around him. Also my seniors on set Bo young, Mu Saeng, and Chung Ah Sunbaenim (senior in Korean) gave me the freedom to bring my interpretation of Jin Woo, and were very encouraging towards me,” says Lee Mon Jae.

On matching expectations and picking various genres

Lee Mu Saeng, who will be next seen in season 2 of Gyeongseong Creature, which stars Paek Seo Joon and Han So Hee, asserts the script is of prime importance for him when it comes to choosing projects.

“The most important thing of value is the script, what is its message and will it resonate with viewers. As K-dramas are being enjoyed and loved by several countries and viewers, one also needs to keep the exceptions of the global audience as well. Stories which have universal appeal work best.”

24-year-old Lee Min Jae will be next seen in season 2 of the critically acclaimed school action drama Weak Hero Class. He says it’s the multi-dimensional characters which fascinate him.

“I am intrigued with characters that have several elements to them. I find it interesting to peel the layers, and it also helps me hone my skills. I look forward to being parts of genres such as period dramas, melodramas, zombies, noir,, so that am able to show diverse aspects of myself as an actor.”

On working in Indian films

Lee Min Jae divulges it was Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots which remains his most memorable Bollywood film of all time.

“It lingered in my mind for a long time and struck a very deep chord, it had an impactful message. I also love Indian food, especially the curries, and look forward to travelling to India.”

His co-star, Lee Mu Saeng, adds, “I hear about Indian films through various platforms. It would be good to work together if there is an opportunity”.

After the thrilling ride in Hide, SLL’S current roster includes comedy dramas Frankly Speaking and The Atypical Family, which are currently available on Netflix. Hide is available on Viki.



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