Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane says iconic show won’t ‘end anytime soon’

Seth Macfarlane, the creator of Family Guy, took a trip down memory lane in honour of the show’s 25th anniversary. The 50-year-old animator told The Wrap that his adult animated show is still “surviving and thriving.” Macfarlane also revealed that Family Guy is not expected to “end anytime soon,” considering its popularity and huge fan base.

Family Guy creator says the show is still 'thriving' after 25 years
Family Guy creator says the show is still ‘thriving’ after 25 years

More episodes of Family Guy in future

The Ted star noted that the show “still has a sizable audience and is a perfect example of there being an appetite for something. So we continue to feed the beast,” per the outlet. Family Guy first made its television debut in 1999 with the pilot episode titled Death Has A Shadow. Despite being briefly cancelled in 2002, the show continues to be a popular choice among fans of comedy.

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“There’s no indication that the show is going to end anytime soon,” Macfarlane added. In light of its 25th anniversary, he also remarked that it somehow feels “strange” to him that Family Guy lasted for so long. “I’ve just been going at a dead run ever since the show premiered. Between then and now just feels like one really long day to me,” the American Dad co-creator added.

When asked about his favourite moment of the show, the Logan Lucky star said that it’s a “tough question to answer.” However, he continued, “There’s now so much of it that there are episodes that I don’t remember. I go back and I’ll look at a show and I have a vague memory of making it.”

“You’re faced with the reality of the passage of time and at some point in the past, this episode, this scene, this moment, frame by frame was so important that I had to get it exactly right, and now I can’t remember what happens next. I mean, there’s like 400 of these things. Who can keep track?” Macfarlane said.


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