Hulu documentary Brats to reunite Andrew Mccarthy with Demi Moore and others | Web Series

After more than four decades, actor Andrew McCarthy is bringing The Brat Pack’s highly anticipated comeback to the screens. McCarthy has gathered an ensemble of his former co-stars for an upcoming documentary titled Brats, set to premiere on Hulu later this year, as announced on his Instagram page.

The 80s Brat Pack(IMDb)
The 80s Brat Pack(IMDb)

The documentary, led by the 61-year-old McCarthy, will take viewers on a nationwide journey as he reconnects with fellow Brat Pack members such as Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, among others according to Deadline.

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Andrew McCarthy’s Reunion Chronicles

In addition to his other interviews, Andrew McCarthy has engaged in conversations with Breakfast Club alumni Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez, Pretty in Pink’s Jon Cryer, Back to the Future star Lea Thompson, and Ordinary People’s Timothy Hutton.

The actor additionally engaged in conversations with key figures in the production, such as directors, casting directors, screenwriters, and producers. Sharing his feelings in an Instagram post, McCarthy expressed his amazement at reconnecting with numerous members of the old crew.

Behind the Nickname

In the documentary, Andrew McCarthy, who garnered acclaim as a travel writer and explored television directing following his stint as a Brat Pack member, will sit down for a conversation with David Blum. Blum, the writer for New York Magazine, is acknowledged for coining the group’s nickname back in 1985.

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McCarthy had previously shared with People that he wasn’t present when Blum spent the night with some of the actors and coined the term Brat Pack. He described it as a sudden revelation, saying, “It was just like boom, there it is.” He continued by expressing that at the time, he distanced himself from the term, fearing being typecast.

Teaming up with McCarthy, who fulfills the roles of writer and director, Brats – the documentary feature is under the executive production of Brian Liebman, Neon’s Dan O’Meara, and Tom Quinn. The documentary is currently undergoing post-production and is scheduled for release on Hulu later this year.


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