India’s Top 100 Celebrities on Instagram 2K24

Instagram is one platform our celebs use fondly. They are often very active, connecting with millions of followers across the globe. From giving a sneak-peak to their personal life, promoting their upcoming projects, raising awareness, and showing their fashion statements, we love how Instagram proves to be a great way to know our celebrities. Did you know the famous Indian celebrities on Instagram?

Today, we are going to list out the most followed celebrity on Instagram in respective fields.

India’s 100 Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram in 2024:

Here we go; we can’t wait to show you the most trending and celebrities with the highest follower count on Instagram. Let’s get going.

Most Followed Bollywood Celebrities on Instagram:

All our famous Bollywood celebrity faces are on Instagram nowadays and are pretty active on the platform too. They have a huge fan following and never fail to entertain their fans with several images of their lives, professional looks, and teases. Today, our favorite celebrities from B-town have the highest fan following and are famous on the platform. Their remarkable uploads on the picture-sharing app are very adorable, and we can’t get over them.

Here are the highest fan-following and most followed Bollywood actors and actresses on Instagram.

Most Followed Tollywood Celebrities on Instagram:

The regional movie industries, too, have a pan-Indian fan following. The Tollywood movie actors and actresses are at the forefront of a huge following on the picture-sharing platform and entertain us with all kinds of sneak-peaks. They share amazing pictures, videos, and reels and keep in touch with their fans. Their active presence thrills the audience and gives them a way to look into real and reel life.

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The most and highest followed celebrity from Tollywood on Instagram are,

Most Followed Sandalwood Celebrities on Instagram:

Sandalwood movies, otherwise popular as the Kannada movie industry, also has celebrity actors and actress famous across the country. Today, we have most of them active on social media platforms, and they connect with their fans in a wide range. Our favorite celebs are most followed on the picture-sharing platform and engage with the audience extensively by sharing about the movies, promotions, and brands.

The most followed popular sandalwood celebrity faces on Instagram include,

Most Followed Kollywood Celebrities on Instagram:

These Kollywood movie actors and actress celebrities are often trending on Instagram. They are gaining followers day by day and are seeing popularity with an excellent going image. They are excelling in their own industry, signing unique scripts and movies, flaunting style trends in the glamor industry, and being forefront in social media games. So, can you guess who they are?

Here is the list of Kollywood celebrities with the highest followers on Instagram.

Most Followed Mollywood Celebrities on Instagram:

The Mollywood celebrities, actors, and actresses are gaining a popular image in India and abroad. Their talent is unmatchable, and their unique abilities in the industry prove them to be on the top of the list very often. As a result, these Mollywood celebrities are among the most followed ones in the picture-sharing platform. Like B-town celebrities, they too are very active on social media and keep interacting with their fans.

Let’s check out the famous most-followed Mollywood celebs on Instagram.

Indian Sports Celebrities in Instagram:

Our Indian sportsperson and celebrities are gaining popularity in the international scenario. They are famous not only for their game but also for their looks and style. So, we have this list of Indian sportsperson, who have the highest social media following. They are heavily followed on Instagram and are quite active, interacting with their followers and fans, and always giving us a glimpse of their personal lives too.

Business Personalities Instagram Accs:

Although business personalities are not very famous on social media, we have few people and known faces followed the most on Instagram. Their active social media life gives a glimpse of fans about their real lives! They are entrepreneurs who excel in their own fields.

Here are the top followed business personalities on Instagram in India.

Indian Television Celebs in Instagram:

Our small-screen celebs are no less! They have a huge fan following amongst Indian households and are popular in every nook and corner of the country. But you will be shocked to know a fact – some of these television celebrities even have a higher following than the movie industry actors and actresses. Well, are you fascinated?

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Here is the list of most followed television celebrities‘ faces on Instagram.

Indian Politicians in Instagram:

Following the leads from our movie celebrities, politicians too have a following on social media. They are active on several platforms, including the picture-sharing platform Instagram. They actively engage with the followers, promote their activities, and post regular updates about several concerns and developments. But, can you guess who the most followed Indian politicians are on Instagram? Well, here is the list.

Indian Musicians Instagram:

Well, let us conclude the list of famous celebs followed on Instagram with the singers. These singing talents are pretty renowned, known for their skill and voice to everyone around. Some singers have the highest fan following than movie celebrities too. Isn’t it cool? Their regular active social media life, sharing pictures and videos of personal lives, promotions, and shows often give us a good look into their real life too.

The most followed famous musicians and singers person on Instagram in India are.

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Hope you enjoyed getting to know who are the most famous celebrities on Instagram from India. They are widely known for their huge fan following and always entertain us with a glimpse into their real and reel lives. So, who all do you follow? Please share your thoughts with us!


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