King on AP Dhillon’s guitar-breaking act at Coachella: He is misunderstood as an artiste

King on AP Dhillon’s guitar-breaking act at Coachella: He is misunderstood as an artiste

After a stellar performance at Coachella last month, AP Dhillon’s act of breaking the guitar on stage after the performance received mixed reactions. While some saw it in the lines of instrument destruction- an act performed by some pop and rock musicians during live acts- the Punjabi pop sensation’s act left some music aficionados and internet users irked, as they considered breaking the instrument “disrespectful.”

King on AP Dhillon's guitar-breaking act at Coachella
King on AP Dhillon’s guitar-breaking act at Coachella

Ask what King feels about it, and the rapper-singer points out the hypocrisy of the critics: “Many people are like, ‘Let’s just hate AP, because it’s in trend’. If you feel what he did was wrong, then be the bigger person and forgive him. hose criticising him are the same people who will be making reels on his song, saying, ‘woah, it’s the best’. If you don’t like what he did, don’t call him the best. I feel AP is really misunderstood as an artiste.”

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The musician goes on to talk about the thrill an artiste feels when performing at an event like Coachella: “If I think from AP’s perspective, not everyone can understand the adrenaline that an artiste feels when they go on stage. No one knows Coachella ke stage par jaake kya hota hai. Diljit (Dosanjh; singer-actor, who performed at Coachella in 2023) paaji and AP ne kya feel kiya hoga, kya adrenaline raha hoga, yeh samajhna mushkil hai. AP ne bhi ek visual dekha hoga ki jab stage par jaunga, yeh karoonga, woh karoonga. As an artiste on stage, you don’t worry about the consequences.”

Meanwhile, King teamed up with singer Jason Derulo for the song Bumpa recently. Last year, he worked with singer Nick Jonas on Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife). Does he feel international validation adds to the weightage of an artiste back in India, and King says, “While some people think I am worthy, some don’t.”


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