Rubina Dilaik: I have lost 10 kgs in my postpartum phase

In a recent Instagram post, Rubina Dilaik shared her inspiring journey of shedding post-pregnancy weight and emphasised the importance of a mindful approach to health. The actor, who welcomed twins Edhaa and Jeeva with husband-actor Abhinav Shukla on November 27, took to social media to showcase her transformation, posting comparison pictures from November to January, revealing an impressive one and a half month difference. “I started my post-natal yoga on the 10th day of my delivery. I went to gymming on the 15th day, on the 33rd day I joined my pilates back, and on the 36th day of the surgery, I attempted my first headstand. I have already lost 10 kgs till now, 6 more to go,” Dilaik tells us.

Rubina Dilaik on her postpartum weight loss
Rubina Dilaik on her postpartum weight loss

Throughout her pregnancy, she remained active despite the challenges of carrying twins. “I was active throughout my pregnancy, though I had a lot of discomfort because I was carrying twins,” the 36-year-old shares, adding, “You have to be mindful about your diet. My gynecologist had given me a go-ahead to stay active so I was pushing myself until the safety limit, which made my pregnancy smoother. In fact, my transition from pregnancy to postpartum was also easier then.”

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Dilaik also highlights the importance of mindfulness and awareness during the postpartum period. “Postpartum symptoms affect 90% of women negatively, from hairfall to blood pressure to diabetes, and many other things. All you can do is create awareness and mindfulness in your body. Recovery only happens when you have a certain lifestyle, which means treating your body with utmost care. . ‘Jo mann aaega vo khaayenge’ jaisa kuch nahi hota pregnancy mai, you have to be careful about how much and what you eat.”

The actor stresses the significance of a healthy lifestyle beyond pregnancy. “I am not just emphasizing on this for just the pregnancy journey, but this is important for every person at every age. I was not trying to promote vanity by working out during pregnancy, I was just doing what was good for me and my children.”

Why did she write ‘people laughed at me when I said my body is my temple’? “When I used to go out with my friends to chill outside, I used to abstain from late-night parties, indulging in drinking to have a fun time, having junk food and going for lunch and dinners on a regular basis. I used to refrain, saying that I may enjoy right now, but it is not going to be healthy for my body,” Dilaik answers assertively, adding, “Maine mazaak mai bola, ‘My body is my temple’, so everybody started laughing. I am not demeaning everyone, but I was just mindful of what goes in my body as it is going to reflect at a certain stage and age.”


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