Rubina Dilaik reacts to her X account getting hacked: It really doesn’t give you a sense of security

Rubina Dilaik reacts to her X account getting hacked: It really doesn’t give you a sense of security

Rubina Dilaik was the latest victim to fall prey to online hacking. The actor’s X account was hacked and she tells us that the realisation about the same was only through har fans. “I realised it today in the morning that since the past two days, many fans have been sending messages on Instagram, e-mails, and some even reached out to my family and friends to let me know that my X account might have been hacked. Given the circumstances that I have been travelling and living the new mum life, I did not get a chance to check on it,” she reveals.

Rubina Dilaik's X account got hacked
Rubina Dilaik’s X account got hacked

Dilaik further elaborates that when she tried to login again, there wasn’t any luck. “When I opened it today, I was locked out. I made several attempts but to my shock, I wasn’t able to login again. It asked me some verification questions which was eventually redirecting me to an e-mail address which wasn’t mentioned clearly as it was in asterisk remarks, it wasn’t mine. That’s when I understood that my account has been hacked,” tells the 36-year-old.

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Here is her post:

“In respect to online space, the security is not great. I am not the first case whose account has been hacked. It really doesn’t give you a sense of security, but I don’t panic in such situations. My topmost concern was to let me fans know about it so that if there is any illegal activity happening, they shouldn’t get trapped,” the actor adds, highlighting the loss of sense of security on social media these days. “As public figures, we need to have control in our hands, how much we allow our personal life to be out there on public forums. One can choose to remain private as well. With the advent of technology, it’s high time that we understand that social media has its pros and cons. And, we take the control in our hands rather than others having control of our lives through social media.”

Dilaik also shares that she still hasn’t gotten the access back. “I tried many authentication steps to get my account back but couldn’t get through. There wasn’t any unusual activity or warning sign from the plaform’s side.”

“I would just like to urge everyone to be mindful about how much they would want an access to social media in their life, and vice versa. They should understand how much personal information you want to let the social media exploit, because there are people of notorious mindsets who would come and trouble you at different points without any reason, so there are always repercussions,” she concludes, with a request to the readers.


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