Shah Rukh comforts overwhelmed, shivering fan at Dunki fan meet. Watch | Bollywood

Actor Shah Rukh Khan attended a special fan meet in Mumbai on Sunday to celebrate the success of his last film, Dunki. The film released in December and earned around 450 crore at the worldwide box office. At the fan meet, Shah Rukh mingled with and clicked pictures with a bunch of fans. However, there is one video that has caught everyone’s attention. (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan says fans don’t want him to take long gaps between films at Dunki fan meet. Is he hinting at next film?)

Shah Rukh Khan with his emotional fan at the event.
Shah Rukh Khan with his emotional fan at the event.

Caring King Khan

A video shared by an SRK fan page on social media shows Shah Rukh meeting many fans on stage. A young man began shivering as soon as he approached Shah Rukh. He held him by his shoulders and helped him calm down before posing for pictures with him and his friends.

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Fans of the actors loved his sweet gesture. “The way Shah adores people set up huge example that mankind still exist,” wrote a fan. “How beautiful it is to have Shah Rukh comforting you. Also, he’s wearing the same t-shirt you wore when you visited Mannat,” read another comment on Instagram. A comment also read, “That guy’s hand was shivering. I would have done the same and Shah would had a hard time comforting me.”

What did Shah Rukh Khan say at the meet?

At the press-fan meet, Shah Rukh also talked about his fans’ love for him and how they do not wish to wait years to watch him on the big screen again. “I think this whole country and people outside this country from India have actually taken me to their heart more than the films and said that, ‘Aare 4 saal k liye mat jaya karo, 2-4 mahine theek hai (don’t take a break for 4 years, 2-4 months are fine)’. So, I’m very very thankful to all of you, to the audience and the whole world for making me realise ki jo main karta hun woh theek karta hun aur mujhe woh baar baar karte rehna chahiye (that what I do is right and I should keep on doing it),” he said.

Shah Rukh has not officially announced his next film yet but he will likely be seen with his daughter Suhana Khan in the action film, King.

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