Solo Leveling English dub: Release date, voice cast, where to watch and more

Solo Leveling fans, it’s time to rejoice as the English dub version is set to be released for streaming very soon. With two successful episodes, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Episode 3, which is set to air on Sunday, January 21. Now adding to the excitement is the upcoming English dub version of the anime series based on Chugong’s webcomic of the same name. Here’s all you need to know ahead of its release:

Solo Leveling English dub is set to release this week(Crunchyroll)
Solo Leveling English dub is set to release this week(Crunchyroll)

When is Solo Leveling English dub releasing?

The first episode of the English version of the hit anime series is scheduled to be released on Saturday, January 20. Ahead of the release, an exciting new trailer was unveiled, which provides a glimpse into what fans can expect.

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Is there a trailer for Solo Leveling English dub?

Ahead of its mid-January release, an exhilarating trailer for Solo Leveling English dub was released on Crunchyroll’s YouTube channel just weeks ago. You can watch the trailer below:

Where to watch Solo Leveling English dub?

Fans can catch the Solo Leveling English dub episodes on Crunchyroll starting Saturday. While international audiences can watch the show on the streaming platform, it is important to note that a subscription is required for the same.

Solo Leveling English dub voice cast revealed

With Caitlin Glass as ADR Director for Solo Leveling English dub, the new voice cast has been revealed. The English voice actors are as follows:

Sung Jinwoo is voiced by Aleks Le

Yoo Jinho is voiced by Justin Briner

Sung Jinah is voiced by Rebecca Wang

Cha Hae-in is voiced by Michelle Rojas

Choi Jong-in is voiced by Ian Sinclair

Baek Yoonho is voiced by Christopher R. Sabat

Go Gunhee is voiced by Kent Williams

Woo Jinchul is voiced by SungWon Cho

Lee Joohee is voiced by Dani Chambers


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