TV couple Nyrraa M Banerji and Nishant Malkani are back together? Here’s the truth

TV couple Nyrraa M Banerji and Nishant Malkani are back together? Here’s the truth

Actors Nyrraa M Bannerjee and Nishant Malkani often make headlines for their alleged relationship. Although rumours of their romantic involvement persisted over time, the duo never officially accepted itm and maintained the stance that they were “just friends”.

Nyrraa Banerji and Nishant Malkani
Nyrraa Banerji and Nishant Malkani

However, recently in February, Bannerjee discussed their split and stated that they will still remain best friends and everything would be okay. And now we have learnt that things are more than okay between the two.

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“Nishant moved out of their house when they broke up back in February. Things just weren’t working out because they are quite similar in how they do things, which led to clashes,” the source shares, adding that they are back together after three months.

“They had been trying to make things work all this time. And finally decided to patch up earlier this month, right before Nyrraa’s birthday. He was even a part of her birthday party and the two posed in many close pictures there,” the insider adds.

This time around, the source says, the couple wants to take things slow: “They don’t want to rush into their relationship again. Hence, he (Nishant) is not moving back again with her. They are even keeping it private and lowkey so that it’s easier to make things work.


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