Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 12: ‘Scandoval’ wounds reopen; Sandoval woos Schwartz to move in, pay him rent

‘Scandoval’ wounds go deeper than any other hot mess on the Bravoverse. Last week, exes Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz got tied into a love triangle, but now the action has moved on to a different scene, with credible grudges still dragging the conversation back.

Ariana Madix, Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval were caught in Vanderpump Rules Season 10 'Scandoval'. Flushing his decade-long relationship with Madix down the drain, Tom engaged in a secret affair with their friend, Leviss.
Ariana Madix, Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval were caught in Vanderpump Rules Season 10 ‘Scandoval’. Flushing his decade-long relationship with Madix down the drain, Tom engaged in a secret affair with their friend, Leviss.

Though Rachel ‘Raquel’ Leviss pulled out of the reality show after the House of Cards fell apart in Season 10, new conversations around her podcast will again reopen old wounds. Ariana Madix, justifiably ever-exasperated by her former partner Tom Sandoval, will address how Rachel possibly “didn’t really think f***ing sh*t of (her).” Where’s Sandoval, you ask? He’s off wooing his buddy to move in with him, concocting an unfavourable rent scheme for Schwartz.

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Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 12 release date and time

Ready to air on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, VPR Rules Season 11 Episode 12 will catch Scheana Shay enlisting Ariana, Lala and Katie’s help for her new music video, until the discussion shifts to a new point of intrigue. The new episode, titled How’d You Like Them Apples, will premiere on Bravo at 8/7 c. Stream it on Peacock the next day.

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What to expect from Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 12?

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s shared house rules continue to bug the former party, as Sandoval is hung up on buying Ariana out and officially making the Valley Village his own property. However, beyond the technicalities, Sandoval has other plans for turning this place into a wholehearted Tom mansion.

Another sneak peek from Bravo dished Sandoval pushing a “proposition” to Tom Schwartz, as he divulges, “I would consider keeping the house if I had a roommate.”

But to no avail.

Schwartz swiftly shut the idea down, claiming “the optics of that are horrible.” Yet, he couldn’t help but wonder what his rent payments would look like.

To answer his curious doubt, Sandoval showed him the $6,000 per month figure, which knocked over Schwartz, who currently plays $4,500 a month for his apartment.

Schwartz instantly asserted, “I can not in good conscience put [$6,000] toward something that I’m not going to get a return on. I’m not building equity in here.” This brought Sandoval to ponder over a joint loan situation, which Schwartz wasn’t feeling either.

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The house battle has scared Ariana out of her wits and she addressed the case in the previous episode. “I put so much of my life and my money and my time into making this my dream home, and it was my dream home,” she added. Madix also called out Sandoval for gaslighting her and imposing as if he deserved to keep it.

Tom had his responses ready on the other side. He foregrounded that he paid for “everything,” which Ariana contradicted on VPR After Show.

On the flip side, as Shay invites the girl squad to help her out, Katie skips, presumably because of her former arguments with Lala. While they were focused on their misunderstandings, Shay was all about positive energy, especially as she shot the music video for Good As Gold, a song that originally came out over a decade ago.

Meanwhile, Lala Kent needs a place to host a sperm donor party. But before that discussion rolls into the picture, the cast members once again dipped their toes into the hot ‘Scandoval’ mess – a turning point in Season 10. The ladies (minus Katie) get into how Rachel Leviss retracted her friendship ties with Ariana, claiming they weren’t “that good of friends” on her podcast.

Invoking Rachel’s name doesn’t sit right with Scheana either, who ultimately spills the tea about how much rent Leviss paid while living in her and Brock’s LA apartment.




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